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In 1976, responding to the needs of the Chinese community in Windsor, the Essex County Chinese Canadian Association was founded to promote Chinese culture and to help integrate Chinese into mainstream society. Dr. Chosen Lau was one of the founders and the first president of the association. One of the first steps of integration was the introduction of the celebration of Chinese New Year in the oriental tradition. In 1976 the first Annual New Year Banquet was held at the Cleary International Center. Dr. Edward Ng was instrumental in organizing the successful Chinese cabaret in 1980, to promote cultural exchange between the East and West.

In January 1982, the first association centre at Church St. was opened by Mayor Bert Weeks. Before that, the executive members would meet in various places – members’ homes or restaurants - to conduct the activities of the association. Subsequently, the centre moved to the Red Cross Building at 1226 Ouellette Ave. and then to the renovated building at 665 Ouellette Ave. Finally in 1990 the current facility at 1420 Tecumseh Rd. East was purchased. Besides the annual Chinese New Year Fundraising Gala, the Essex County Chinese Canadian Association also organizes the annual New Year Party for seniors as a gesture of respect.

Every year since it was established, the association has participated in the Canada Day Parade and the annual Carrousel of the Nations organized by the Multicultural Council of Windsor. The association has contributed tremendously to the promotion of Chinese culture in Windsor. The association also provides many other activities such as Chinese literature classes, mandarin classes and tai chi classes and publishes the annual Chinese Business and Professional Directory.

List of Presidents

2017 Stephen Tsui
2016 Stephen Tsui
2015 Stephen Tsui
2014 Stephen Tsui
2013 Stephen Tsui
2012 Stephen Tsui
2011 Stephen Tsui
2010 Stephen Tsui
2009 Stephen Tsui
2008 Henry Lau
2007 Dale Chen
2006 Diana Kao
2005 Diana Kao
2004 Stephen Tsui
2003 Stephen Tsui
2002 Stephen Tsui
2001 Dr. Albert Ng
2000 Philip Liang
1999 Philip Liang
1998 Philip Liang
1997 Michael Or
1996 Babs Gan
1995 Babs Gan
1994 Michael Or
1993 Peter Gan
1992 Peter Gan
1991 Dr. Wayne Chan
1990 Philip Liang
1989 Philip Liang
1988 Dr. Gary Ing
1987 Dr. Chosen Lau
1986 Gisele Lan
1985 Gisele Lan
1984 Dr. Gary Ing
1983 Dr. Gary Ing
1982 Dr. Eugene Fung
1981 Dr. Eugene Fung
1980 Lilian Lee
1979 Chow Jin
1978 Stephen Chow
1977 Dr. Chosen Lau
1976 Dr. Chosen Lau

Board of Directors

President Stephen Tsui
VP External Sungee John
VP Internal Allen Liu
Treasurer Maggie Yip
English Secretary Betty Lee-Daigle
Chinese Secretary Ralph Wong
Director Art/Culture/Event Planning Catherine Fung
Director Evergreen Centre Ron Lam
Director SocialProgram Patrick Lam
Director Public Affairs Jian Guo Li

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