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2017 May-Sept List of Association Activities.pdf
Posted on 2017-05-12
Annoucement of ECCCA upcoming events from May-Sept 2017. Your participation and support are appreciated.

President's Report_2016_Final.pdf
Posted on 2016-12-09
2016 Annual General Membership Meeting - Sunday Dec 04, 2016. - President Report

Annual General Meeting.pdf
Posted on 2016-11-03
AGM and normination & Election for 2017 Board of Directors will be on Sunday Dec 04, 2016.

40th Anniversary media release.pdf
Posted on 2016-09-28
Oct 2, 2016 40th anniversary celebration media release

AGM - President's Report_2015.pdf
Posted on 2015-12-29
2015 AGM was on Dec 13. Stephen Tsui delivered his 2015 President's eport.

English Newsletter Oct_ 2015.pdf
Posted on 2015-10-26
This is English newsletter October 2015.

Voter's Guide-Chinese-Tra.pdf
Posted on 2015-10-11

Voter's Guide (English).pdf
Posted on 2015-10-11
Voter's Guide for the 2015 Federal Elections on October 19

English Newsletter May 2015 (1).pdf
Posted on 2015-06-09
This is May 2015 Newsletter in English

Attachment Donation List - Newsletter of May 2015.pdf
Posted on 2015-06-09
Attachment to May 2015 newsletter

President's Report_2014.pdf
Posted on 2015-01-27
ECCCA had membership AGM on Dec 07, 2014. President Stephen Tsui delivered the 2014 President's report to the members. Report to the

2015 Board of Directors 幹事會成員.pdf
Posted on 2015-01-27
On Dec 07, 2014 AGM membership meeting, the Board of Directors for 2015 was elected

English Newsletter Nov_ 2014.pdf
Posted on 2014-11-11
ECCCA Newsletter Nov 2014

Notice to Members Aug 2014.pdf
Posted on 2014-08-06
Notice to Members regarding Membership fee, Association Classes, Calligraphy Class and Donations & Sponsorship

2014 Youth Flyer ages 13 - 17.pdf
Posted on 2014-06-10
2014 Youth ages 13-17 volunteer action council program

English Newsletter April 2014_Final.pdf
Posted on 2014-04-29
The first newsletter of 2014 year of the Horse

Attachment Donation List - Newsletter of April 2014.pdf
Posted on 2014-04-29
Donation List, attachment to the Newsletter of April 2014

English Newsletter July 2013_Final.pdf
Posted on 2013-08-02
This English Newsletter Jul 2013

Summer Student Posting 2013 - English.pdf
Posted on 2013-06-07
Summer Student Job Posting for 2013

English Newsletter April 2013.pdf
Posted on 2013-04-26

Attachment Donation List - Newsletter of April 2013.pdf
Posted on 2013-04-26
Donation LIst attachment to the April 2013 Newsletter

Board of Directors Announcement for 2013 Board Positions (2).pdf
Posted on 2013-01-15
Welcome the new Board of Directors 2013

2013 Board of Directors phto.pdf
Posted on 2013-01-15
To know your board members 2013

President's Report_2012.pdf
Posted on 2012-12-28
2012 AGM President Report

AGM 2012 By-Law Amendments.pdf
Posted on 2012-12-28
AGM 2012 By-Law Amendments

English Newsletter Oct 2012_Final.pdf
Posted on 2012-11-05
This is our October 2012 newsletter in English

English Newsletter June 2012 docx.pdf
Posted on 2012-08-28
June 2012 newsletter

Attachment to the Newsletter of June 2012.pdf
Posted on 2012-08-28
attachment for June 2012

English Newsletter March 2012_Final doc.pdf
Posted on 2012-08-28
Newsletter for March 2012

Attachment to the Newsletter of Mar 2012.pdf
Posted on 2012-08-28
Attachment for March 2012 newsletter